Dietetics/Diet Therapy

Dietetics/Diet Therapy

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Diet is the total amount of food that a person or any other organism consumes. The term “diet” frequently connotes the utilisation of a particular nutritional intake for health management. Your body receives the nutrients it needs to operate properly from a balanced diet. Diet therapies are created specifically for each patient and prescribed for dietary and/or medicinal needs. Proteins, carbs, lipids, vitamins, and minerals are among the nutrients required to ensure healthy growth and development.


Diet treatment encourages a balanced diet full of nutrients essential to optimum health. One may contribute to maintaining the best possible health by eating a variety of meals that are right for them and getting enough water. Diet therapy can give the patient crucial knowledge about illnesses caused by diet as well as instruction on how different nutrients (such as protein, carbohydrate, fat, and alcohol) affect health. Dietary therapy can be customised to the therapeutic needs of an individual after a diagnosis of a particular condition, and it can also assist lessen consequences and enhance general health.

What I Do for Healthy Nutrition?

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